Wednesday, September 11

red smear dress

dress - self made (for sale here)

planned to find a harvested field
and shoot pics of this dress there
so i took a walk to find the said field
somewhere along the way
i decided to take a turn left
and see where that road bends
and that road ended up in a post-apocalyptic place,
spooky and beautiful at the same time
there were houses and orchards long forgotten 
swallowed by the forest so dense
that it can not be entered
without the help of machete
it is fantastic
to see nature fighting back 
and claiming back some of it's space..
but it looks scary at the same time
with all the crazy things going on in the world these days
it can soon be my house and my orchard
that is swallowed by the forest..
or anyone's for that matter
at the end
all the walking and thinking exhausted me
a harvested field was nowhere to be found
so the original concept had to be abandoned..
i got back home and shoot pics
using wall of my parent's country house as a backdrop 
and while i was shooting pics
the strangest thing happened:
my parent's cat showed up
carrying a dead bird in it's mouth
bird was pretty much headless 
so i thought why bother saving it..
and, in the end, who am i to intervene? 
so i got back to my photo shooting business 
(even took a few pics of cat having a meal
but i'll spare you the visual)

thank you for all the lovely comments and feedback
to my previous post..
plum dumplings recipe is going to be posted real soon


  1. your stories are as beautiful as your garments.

    (and i was ready to click buy now, were there a button.........)

    1. :)
      you know, this dress kind of reminded me of you

  2. Wow. Your dress is absolutely beautiful. I completely LOVE the print, just perfect on the watery blue fabric.

    1. thanks, carolyn.. i'm crazy about the print there is strange pattern at the back of the dress too, like silhouette of some tall grass or branches.. i believe that remnant of fabric used for this dress was not planned to look this way, but it's more the result of some printing mistake.. and i love mistakes, they are always unique :)

  3. The print is so cool! (and a bit scary!)

    1. i agree, it is a bit scary, even without the odd photoshoot story

  4. You're beautiful. Love the shape of that dress and the dye/screenprinting on it.

    Having a ton of world-is-ending anxiety these days. Finding an abandoned village would probably send me over the edge. Last days of Rome, arghhh.

    1. thanks for the compliments, dear..
      growing up in balkans, i've seen too many wars and bombs for one life, so i tend to slip into this kind of anxiety pretty easy

  5. Such a lovely, eerie tale! And your dress is just breathtaking as usual. That offhanded red 'smear' is perfection.

    1. thanks, sallie.. right now i feel like i need to go out and buy some red fabric paint, and then smear bunch of dresses :)

  6. oh this is beautiful and haunting at the same time! what a fab story to go with it... you just can't make this stuff up!

    1. thanks, lisa g.. i wish i did made it up.. unfortunately, i have too many eerie photos and bad memories to remind me of it

  7. I agree with Oona - I love your stories as much as the clothes you make. A photo shoot can turn into a strange adventure. Beautiful dress!