Wednesday, July 31


skirt - self made jade (by paprika patterns)
top - self made

some time ago
lovely lisa asked me would i like
to test her first ever pattern
for jade skirt
of course, i said yes.. I loved her skirt
and it's the first time ever that i was ask to test a pattern
so i got really excited about the whole thing
and then it all went south..
first i realized i can't finish the skirt on time
and there is not many things
that frustrate me as much as being late..
but lisa said it's ok, i can finish it by wednesday
this wednesday
so i got up early this morning
and get to work
first i realized my printer is not working
but i solved that problem somehow..
then i realized my internet is not working
and i only saved pattern file on my computer
but not the instructions
that problem i couldn't solve at the moment
so i got into sewing anyways
not a good idea with this pattern :)
i thought it's an easy project
and boy, was i wrong!
it's a fabulous pattern
but not an easy one
also, after some time i realized
that i don't have enough pins
to hold all the pleats in place
but i kept on going anyways
(two reasons for that:
notions store is far away
and it's too hot outside to go to the store)
then i realized
that fabric i chose for lining
is way more stretchy than skirt fabric
but it was all i had
so i kept on going
somehow i finished the skirt
i chose to make view b (longer version) in size 4
but cause of my wonky seams
and all the alterations i made trying to fix them
skirt ended up being size 3
but it fits me anyways
(thank you, insanity workout)
although my version is messy and wonky
and stripes are totally bad idea
(all those lovely pleats disappeared in stripes)
i would totally recommend this pattern to you
and i'm totally going to try it again
once i'm not in a rush to finish it 'on time'
once i have instructions to help me
once i choose the right fabric
and have enough pins..
and then i'll have a proper pattern review for you
and for lisa


  1. Cute outfit! Love the exposed zip on your top.

    And the skirt - I didn't notice the pleats until you mentioned them, but when I went back to look - that pattern looks very interesting! I'll have to keep an eye out for when they release it. :-)

    1. thanks, macska.. yup, pattern is very interesting, and i hope it will be out soon (and i wish i waited for the release before posting this pics, that would make more sense hehe)

  2. Haha well I have to agree, this is not an easy skirt to make without instructions :D Hats off to you for making it work anyway!

    1. thanks, lisa :) not an easy one to make, but for sure an easy one to wear.. can't wait to see all the colorful jade skirts popping out in blogosphere)

  3. Your skirt looks great! and I really like it in the stripes.

    1. thanks, carolyn.. i'm sure you're going to make a jade for yourself (it kind of look like your style to me), and i'm curious to see what fabric you chose

  4. In spite of your difficulties, your skirt is fabulous. I love the way you styled it with the peplum blouse, and you pulled off the stripes well. I have a rtw top with the same pleats and love how it feels like a new look this season.

  5. Hey Mokosha,
    Would you mind sharing a tutorial on how you get those scribbles?
    I'd love to make some for myself on a dress!

    1. well.. i'm not really a tutorial making kind of a girl.. and the process is too random to explain it.. but, who knows, maybe i decide to photograph it one day and post it here on blog

  6. I like the skirt nonetheless. And the stripes aren't that bad, I noticed the folds right away! I'm so excited about this pattern, I will definitely sew one up for fall. Looking forward to your next version!

    1. thanks, rachel.. such a great pattern, right? i'm thinking something in rusty color, if i can only find the fabric

  7. It's really cute, and looks really comfortable, too!

    1. thanks.. yup, it's totally comfortable (i usually don't wear too many pencil skirts, as they are not all that comfy, but this one is different)

  8. Replies
    1. And I love the skirt! :) Sorry. And the top. The top is super cute.

    2. it's view b, the longer version of the skirt

  9. You give me the need of sewing... Thank you. Beautiful look !