Thursday, February 14

11 random facts about me

skirt - self made
blouse - self made
cardigan - made in china 
heels - peacocks 
bonus photo - coffee and homemade cherry pie 

a note:
pictures above have absolutely 
nothing to do with this text..
even more confusing
last photo is just me bragging about my newest pie

11 random facts about me:

i'm afraid of sheep.. i'm fine with snakes, spiders, 
all sorts of wild animals, but sheep creeps me out

often i believe i'm dreaming
someone else's dreams.. 
those dreams are in color or black and white
and no-one of the people in the dream
is familiar to me..
sometimes they even talk in unknown languages..

i don't really like children
don't like to touch them
don't like to talk to them
when i have to be around children
i always bring my camera with me
and kind of hide behind it
taking hundreds of photos

i climb mountains
and at the same time
i'm a bit afraid of heights..
i believe i managed to climb europe's highest peak 
(mount elbrus in caucasus)
simply because it was a night climb
and i couldn't see where i was

jim jarmusch is my all time favorite director
i can watch his movies ad nauseum

i  love swimming
can breaststroke for hours
it's like a meditation 
like a fabulous breathing exercise..
also, i have this fantasy
of imaginative world
where people swim all the time
instead of walking..
might write a story about that one day

i haven't eat meat 
since i was 13 years old..
one day i saw
how a calf becomes veal
and that was it - no more meat for me..
i do, however, eat all animals
that i don't mind killing myself
such as fish, squid, mussels, snails, frogs, bugs

i fantasize of owning a hippie van

melon is the only fruit i don't like

when i was a kid
i read a book about guatemala
some sort of a travel book
wrote in the 50's by some jewish czech writer
by the name of norbert fryd..
ever since then, guatemala become my dream country
i promised myself to find the way to get there
and repeat his trip
at some point of my life..
that book is also the reason why i first
started getting interested in archaeology
(it had bunch of pics and stories
about maya civilisation)

when i'm not dreaming someone else's dreams
i often dream i'm flying
and that's the best feeling ever
and feels so realistic 
with wind in my face
and chills if i go to high
or fly too fast
it's joyful and simply magical 


  1. As usual your colour combinations are impeccable - I love the bright blue with that turquoisey green!
    So have you got to Guatamela yet?!
    Flying dreams are the best - though I've never had a swimming one so guess I can't compare.

    1. thanks :) no guatemala for me yet.. hope one day i can make it, and if i do, i plan to stay there for a year at least

  2. I love your blog i am so glad you are posting again regularly.

    I just learnt something new, Mont-Blanc is not the highest mountain in Europe, its the highest in Western Europe. I would have to travel to Russia to live on the side of the highest mountain in Europe.

    1. thank you.. you can totally travel to georgia instead of russia, all the highest peaks of caucasus are near russian-georgian border :)

    2. nope, not really.. it's not technically hard to climb mount elbrus.. no ropes needed, just crampons and ice axe.. but, weather conditions are crucial, and one's ability to cope with high altitude

  3. I thought I was the only person with a sheep fear! They are absolutely sinister, I say. I don't buy the placidity act for a second.

    Also, I'll echo the color-combination comment. Your outfit is perfection.

    1. glad i'm not the only one with sheep phobia :)

  4. Love the colour combo too & you made me lol with your randomness!

  5. There is something strange about sheep, I'll agree. I'm terrified of horses. Love your photo location in these shots. The colors are so nice.

    1. sheep are creepy.. goats, on the other hand, are on my top 3 list of animals :)

  6. love the outfit, love your random facts. i don't like melons either!

    1. thanks.. i love watermelon, though (is watermelon a melon at all?)

  7. I wish I could swim everywhere instead of walking. If you figure it out, let me know!

    1. wouldn't that be fabulous.. though it would be a bit strange for all of us who sew.. we would only be sewing swimwear then :)

  8. What a lovely post, I enjoyed getting to know more about you :)
    And I'm the same about children and about height (I like mountain hiking but I need to avoid looking down or I get really dizzy...)

    1. i think it's good thing to have a bit of fear when climbing mountains.. keeps you concentrated, and more careful on dangerous places

  9. Gorgeous blouse and skirt! And I enjoyed getting to know you better!

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