Sunday, April 29

rusty hinge

my plan for today was simple:
work work and work..
there should be four of us at excavations 
plus our boss
but others have yet to come
meaning - i have to do job of four people
to manage 3 different excavation sites 
(with a little help of my boss)
take all the pictures
make all the sketches
write all the data myself
so.. you get the idea
busy days at site
and busy afternoons by the computer
so.. i had a plan for today
plan to finish all the documentation from past week
but then the sound woke me up 
in the middle of the night
sound of the rusty hinge 
repeating every couple of seconds
one rather annoying sound
so i spent the rest of the night
trying to figure out what makes that sound
where the damn hinge is
then i spent half of the day
trying to figure out what makes that sound
found no rusty hinge
nor anything similar
by the early afternoon
my brain decided that the sound is produced by an owl chick 
(why owl? beats me.. 
my brain works in strange ways)
so i spent the rest of afternoon 
trying to prove that theory
listening dozens of different owl chick squeaks 
then i found it
sound of the long eared owl
that's what's bothering me for hours
then i tried to locate the loud fella 
and,  miraculously, i found not one, but two of them..
i tried to photograph them
and, miraculously, my boss forgot his fancy camera when he left home for weekend
so i snapped a few close-up shots
it's bedtime
job is still unfinished
'cause i dedicated my entire day to ridiculous quest
and, no matter how cute little feather balls are
sound is still annoying
is someone gonna help me
to see what's the moral of this story
i'm too tired of squeaks to do that myself 


  1. i offer the absolutely boring solution of earplugs, because those things are too damn spectacular for any criminal suggestions.

    (i would say you should keep the boss's camera as payment for all the extra work, though.)

    1. thought about earplugs myself.. but, than i wouldn't hear the damn alarm at 5 am.. i think i got used to little brats, though.. and i met their mother yesterday.. she wasn't too thrilled
      keeping boss's camera would be damn great.. i would settle for that lens, that would perfectly fit my good old nikon :)

  2. The rusty owl gets to do all the work?

    I dunno. But that thing is super cute.

    1. hear it for yourself: (although, these two chicks are older, and well behaved).. imagine this squeaks repeating ever 3 seconds, constantly..
      but, i have to agree, they are super cute :)

  3. That owl is fantastic. Totally worth it. TOTALLY WORTH IT. If I had been there, I would have totally joined you in your quest, and if ever you faltered, I would have poured you some coffee and said "we're almost there, to the google!" Because that's how I am. And I love birds. Tiny hands, tiny beaks, it's awesome.

    1. hehe.. too bad you were not here, to help me with the quest, and poor me some cold beer every little bit

  4. Oh i just adore you... And that owl is totally worth the tiredness in my opinion.

    1. hehe.. thank you.. yup, i agree.. i feel like the other mother to the owls now, hehe.. first thing i do when i get up, and last one before i go to sleep is to check the little fellas :)

  5. Oh i just adore you... And that owl is totally worth the tiredness in my opinion.