Sunday, April 22


blouse - thrifted
pants - trifted
shoes - flea market, vintage
belt - terranova

leaving for excavations early in the morning
for an unknown period of time
i'm super excited about everything:
new people i'm going to meet
new places i'm going to discover
and, above all, new and exciting things we might dig up this time
this is going to be one sleepless night
every time i'm this much excited
about some trip or new excavations start
(or new idea for the dress)
i loose the ability to fall asleep
when i settle down a bit
i'm going to find ways to have internet access
if it works out, i won't abandon le blog this time
(so, expect a bronze age skeleton instead of a new frock
every once in a while)


  1. Have a great trip, girl!
    I hope the internet thing works out!

  2. I´m so happy for you! Have fun while working and hope the internet work, otherwise I´ll miss you!

  3. I just found out you blog. Love it. You have a really good style.

    1. :) welcome.. and thank you for your lovely words