Thursday, January 19

hawaiian winter

dress - self made
heels - newyorker

this is the dress i made 
for new year's eve 
hawaiian theme party
i loved the idea of contrast 
of colorful cocktails
  flowers in my hair and
summer dresses
while outside it's snowing heavily
and temperature is waaaay below freezing
i loved the idea
but lots of other peeps hated it i guess
they showed up wearing black
no flowers and no cocktails on their mind
they refused to dance
and sort of 'killed it' for me
so i slept the party over


  1. Ugh, I hate new years'eve parties... They always end up being boring if you're older than 15. And how sad they didn't follow the theme... You must have been smashing in your dress!

    1. smashing for whole two hours hehe.. then i fall asleep (in the dress, so maybe that counts too)

  2. that's criminal. it sounds like the best new year's idea ever. who wouldn't want a luau?

    they all came in black, the better to be your aloof backdrop. and i was just thinking there isn't a color in the world that you don't look good in.

    1. we should make hawaii party, wearing our bombshell dresses.. that would be one killer party, don't you think..

  3. That's no fun when people don't follow a party's theme. You must have been the life of the party with the rest of them in black!