Friday, November 11

hummingbird bomber jacket

bomber jacket - burda magazine 10/2016/#122 modified
dress - burda magazine 09/2012/#107

couple months ago
i found this amazing fabric in remnant bin of my favorite fabric shop
and, as i've never seen anything like it, i had to have it
(bonus is that it was pretty cheap, as it had a misprinted part)
fabric is double faced, it's basically a thick gray sweatshirting fabric
that has teal fabric with hummingbird print fused to it's back
the idea was to find a bomber jacket pattern
and then use both sides of fabric to make that jacket
to 'play' with it a bit..
dunno why i landed on this particular pattern
probably out of laziness, as it's only 3 simple pieces to trace and cut..
but i kind of wish i chose a different one
 i mean, there is at least 10 of them that burda released in recent years
with all kinds of silhouettes
and i went for the boxiest one..
anyways, i made size 36, which is a size smaller than what i usually sew
and it was still so grotesquely wide once sewn
 i ended up taking it in quite a lot, at side seams and sleeves too..
and i mean a lot, my jacket is probably 20cm narrower than burda's..
it was an easy fix, but a lot of fabric got wasted in that process
if i'd chosen a different pattern
i'd had a bit of the fabric left for future projects
this way, i have only misprinted parts left..
that aside, i love the jacket i got in the end
i did not line it
but have used seam allowances as a 'design feature'
and topstitched them all down 
it took some time, but i think it looks nice
both inside and out 
(actually, if i'd menage to find a double sided zipper
it could have been a double sided jacket)



  1. Lovely fabric! Makes a nice mixture of sporty and sweet! :)

    1. yeah, great fabric, i wish i can buy more of it

  2. Beyond cute. I love how you used the print - the sleeves are wonderful!

  3. looove the bomber ... especially that insert on the sleeves -a very nice touch!