Thursday, October 20

black&navy floral

dress - burda 08/2016/117

feeling a bit conflicted about my new dress
one the one hand, i really love how the dress turned out
i loved sewing it, and adding all the lace tape was fun
it's super comfy and i love how those two fabrics look together..
on the other hand, it's kind of not my style at all
and i feel a bit strange wearing it
as if i'm wearing a costume
i mean, i love me some boho looking dresses
and i've sewn quite a few of them, that i still love and wear..
but it's almost like i love that look in theory
more than i love it once i try to pull it off..
does that even make any sense?

dunno why the 'bust' tape looks so unsymmetrical in these  pics
i swear it's neat and symmetrical irl :)
(and i have an instagram photo to prove it)

anyways.. back to more technical stuff
i changed the sleeves, narrowed them quite a bit
because i did not have enough fabric for the original sleeves
but i actually like them now more than original ones..
also, i had no idea what i was supposed to do with pattern piece no12
i wasn't reading instructions before cutting fabric
so i cut that piece in black floral fabric
(it shouldn't be cut, but used later, when pleated panels are added to skirt
as a pattern for trimming i don't-know-what,
i wasn't actually planning to add those pleated parts, 
and burda instructions are rather strange sometimes)
so, when i finished the skirt, and it looked a bit too hi-lo for my taste
i simply added that piece no12 to skirt front
and it made the hem way more even
plus it added visual interest to skirt
and is not my favorite detail of the dress

and that would be it.. 
now i'm off to find me some gray shapeless sack to wear
and feel more like myself again 


  1. It looks lovely, and I can totally relate to your comment about loving the look in theory, but not being able to wear it.

  2. I'm way into this look! The navy and black colors add an edge to it. I would steal this from you in a heartbeat :)

    1. i'm glad you like it.. i can totally pack it up and send it to you, if i decide it's not really my thing

  3. Whenever I end up with an outfit that I theoretically like, but don't actually wear, I sometimes save it for days where I don't feel quite myself (like if I'm sick or in a bad mood). Then I can be like, fine, I'll be someone else today, and swan around in something different.

    1. that's a good idea, should give it a try :)

  4. It does look really lovely! maybe save it for when the boho mood strikes :)

    1. thanks :) i'll save it for beach picnics and walks along the coastline (fingeers crossed that is going to happen soon)

  5. This is really beautiful and I love the details. I am sure the day will come when it feels like the perfect thing to wear! I've been thinking of making a boho maxi lately, but have the exact same problem - it is not really my style. But I am still feeling the need to make one!

    1. i guess it's going to be one of those dresses that i wear when i'm pmsing and my hormones are running wild :)
      but, sewing was fun, so i do recommend that you sew one too :D