Thursday, December 3


made bunch of colorful cowls in chunky yarn..
all are knitted in round, to avoid seaming,
so i had to modify stitching a bit
blue one is in trinity stitch

red is a stitch from book '400 knitting stitches'
called mock english rib 2, or something like that

bubblegum pink, in linen stitch

green in flat knot stitch

orange, another one from 400 stitches book
not sure witch one

this one is not in chunky yarn
it's fingering weight variegated yarn
but i used 7mm needles
(it's linen stitch again, i'm crazy about it)
i've also made dress with big blue dots
and the top from last photo


  1. These are all beautiful ... a splash of colour in grey winters

    1. thanks, sasha :) my latest addition to the collection is neon green cowl, to brighten up even the grayest of days

  2. Wow, you've been so busy! These all look lovely, really gorgeous colours :)