Friday, October 17

transformer jacket

crazy jacket, right?
i guess bunch of people won't like it
as it's not tailored or fitted or lined
no hand sewing or pad stitching involved
and frankly, i hated it at one point too..
it started with burda's long cardigan pattern from october issue
well.. 'pattern' is a bit strong word,
as it's basically two long rectangles
plus sleeves,
but i loved the design anyways
and wanted to try it out
pattern is meant to be made in drapey knit fabric
but as usual, i ignored what they say
and went for thick wool knit fabric instead
not a drapey stretchy kind of knit at all,
so it ended up looking really funky at the back
(well, it still does
as you can see in pictures)

wasn't a fan of that look at all
but at some point
i got an idea to try the jacket upside down
and that totally transformed the look
into cool rather than the odd one
(to my eye, at least)
also, it looks way better on my friend sandra
so we bartered, she got the jacket
and i got one fabulous ring (sandra makes jewelry)
here is the pic of collar before i added lining to it
when it only had wool trim:

jacket closes with large black sew in snaps
(and can be closed in few different ways
to create different silhouettes)
but you'll have to take my word for it
cause i added snaps after we took pictures
and isn't it hilarious how that flag photobombed almost all pics?
haven't even noticed it, until i got home and saw pics on my computer
and at that point it was too late to go back and take photos again
and i was too lazy to try removing it in photoshop


  1. Sneaky little flag! *^o^*
    It looks so much better upside down! I'm not a big fan of such shapes but this jacket is interesting. It's definitely cozy, perfect for the cold Autumn like today in Poland, drizzly rain and clouds.....

    1. from some reason, i really started to love those strange oversized shapes.. what's better on a cold day than being dressed in a blanket :) but, i'll still have to make me a proper coat too

  2. Wild! I think it looks super cool. It never would have occurred to me to try it on upside down.

    1. it was an act of desparation, i really loved the fabric, and was really mad at me for screwing it up..

  3. i didn't even notice the flag cause i was too busy looking at the SUPER COOL JACKET. i'm a huge fan of trying things on upside down. awesome, sis.

    oh lookit that, i pretty much just said the same thing as liza jane. ah well. excellent company, i say!

    1. :) thanks, sis! i guess it was one of those 'what would oona do' moments that made me try the jacket upside down

  4. I love it! It's so cool!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This is crazy cool! And I just love you for thinking "Meh, this isn't working, let's try it on UPSIDE DOWN!"

  6. I like the way the fabric drapes around the shoulders!

  7. It's wonderful! I was intrigued by that pattern too. I love how you turned it upside down! You should show us the ring your friend made you.

  8. I love the up side down jacket! I once sew one similar and after years of not wearing but also not give it away somebody saw it (you don't even recognise what it is if it''s not on a person :-)), tried it the wrong way and it looked better than the right way. I decided I love it this way, put it in the laudry. My husband did the laudry so now I won't ever wear it again, since it was made of pure wool lace and was washed too hot. :-). It's a shaped piece of felted lace now, waited to be used...somehow... . Nice blog, nice pictures.