Thursday, December 5

horror leggings

blazer – thrifted, altered
top – self made
leggings – self made
beanie, gloves, socks - nikola's

 made my first pair of leggings a month or two ago
it was so easy and so fast, i was amazed!
in my opinion, leggings should be an ultimate beginners sewing project
can’t think of anything more simple
since that first pair
i made many more.. for me
and for my grandma
(fluffy and warm ones that she can wear all winter, instead of tights)
and then all of the grandma’s friends wanted leggings
and then i needed warm ones
and fancy ones
and shiny ones
and crazy print ones..
even nikola wants me to make him a pair
so he can wear them under pants, when it’s really cold outside
 this pair is my absolute favorite so far!
print is another one of ‘lucky mistake’ finds
another one that went ‘wrong’ in such a wonderful way
nikola calls them ‘horror leggings’
says there is something a bit eerie in that print
and i agree.. that's the reason why i liked the print in the first place..
lately we are obsessed with american horror story
and when you watch too many episodes in one day
everything looks a bit eerie i guess


  1. These look dope! I love the print-- it's very wintry and cool! I know what you mean about American Horror Story, though. I can't watch too much of it before bed or I have really strange dreams!

    1. after first few episodes i had crazy dreams too.. but after that i become immune :)

  2. oh, now i get it! i couldn't see the horror at all, but if you're watching AHS, there's horror EVERYWHERE. we watched one episode and i woke up in the middle of the night gnashing my teeth an inch away from ruggy's face. we stopped watching after that.

    by the way, I. LOVE. THESE. LEGGINGS.

    1. i started talking in my sleep, and then denying it when nikola wakes me up.. but we just couldn't stop watching, especially with second season, it was just tv and popcorns instead of food, for hours

  3. Super cool tights! The print is fantastic. We watched a couple of episodes of AHS; now I want to find the time to watch the whole series :)

    1. thanks, carolyn.. i wish i can find more fabric with that print..
      and ahs, we even skipped our evening pub&beer routine, so we can watch as many episodes as we possibly can

  4. Strava helanke! Ja se, zacudo, nisam navukla na AHS, iako volim horor kao zanr. Mislim da je najveci problem u tome sto sam na preskokce gledala epizode, i nisam mogla da ispratim pricu... Ipak, ima nesto creepy u Dzesiki Lang...

    1. :) dzesika je najbolja, fascinira me kako se uvek totalno transformise u svakoj novoj ulozi..