Friday, October 18


dress - vintage, thrifted 

it was rainy november evening
last year
i was walking, to clear my head..
been rather stressed out back then
that last couple months of excavations were quite bad..
so.. i was walking
and then i saw this crazy print in a thrift shop window
i couldn't tell what the garment looked like
but the print made me smile
(and i wasn't smiling a lot back then)
so i had to see what it was
it was a dress
that was ridiculously small
i tried it on
well.. tried to try it on
and got stuck in it
in one of those 'mr bean' moments
took me some 5 minutes to free myself from it..
but i bought it anyways
it made me smile, after all
altering it wasn't an option
it's a beautifully made dress
(and i believe it's home made one, 
has only simple machine seams, and a lot of neat hand stitching
and handmade buttonholes too)
i guess it's from late 60's or early 70's
can't be sure, if someone has better idea, i'm happy to hear it..
it's made of that beautiful colorful wool fabric
(or some sort of wool blend
no way in hell i'm burn testing it to find out)
and fully lined
and has a matching belt
almost a year later i can finally wear it..
it's still a bit snug..
was made for someone with narrow shoulders
so no matter how much weight i lose,
it's never going to fit just right
but i can live with that
and it still makes me smile


  1. These colours are absolutely gorgeous on you with your lovely hair colour! And your photos are beautiful, you and your dress go with the background so nicely :)

    1. thanks.. i planed this spot for photo shooting, and actually waited for a month or two to get the rights colors.. glad that you like it

  2. I just love the way you tell a story. And I like this dress as much as I like the story. That print is gorgeous, and you chose the right background to showcase it. Loving the new look of your blog too!

  3. You and that red hair - it blends with everything you wear.

    1. :) thanks, i kind of try to use it as an accessory

  4. Divna haljina, divno ti stoji. Novi izgled bloga-perfection!

    1. hvala.. slicice su plod jedne pijanke s komsijom koji je strip crtac.. moracu da mu prenesem tvoje komplimente

  5. Super gorgeous as always. And I LOVE, love, love your new graphics. They're perfect.

    1. thanks, stephanie.. i love them too, graphics are custom made work of my comic artist neighbor

  6. your new blog look is totally awesome! super jealous right now ;)

    1. thanks :) my neighbor made those new drawings, you should check out his work here

  7. What a great dress. Vintage AND hand-made? What a find.

  8. Lovely. All of my favorite colors in one place. The tights a yummy auburn. You fit right into fall.

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