Saturday, February 18

smoother than silk

kimono robe - self made
lace trimmed slip (underneath) - self made

i don't believe in cozy sweaters and sweatpants
i don't own such thingies in my closet
even if i won't leave the house all day
i wear a dress.. or a skirt and a blouse
cardigan if it's cold
and heels almost all the time
(my neighbors from downstairs might kill me one day
if i don't switch to some more 'silent' shoes)
that was my life before yesterday
but then i made this kimono robe
from smoothest silk satin 
and i never ever want to take it off
i might stay in my flat forever wearing this


  1. It's so pretty! I wish I could find great fabric like that to make something with!

  2. forever, and i mean forever, i've wanted all my loungey clothes to be as happy as my outdoor clothes. i think i might finally take my cue form you...

    1. i'm with you, lovely oona.. we deserve beautiful clothes for every hour of the day, don't you think

  3. Gorgeous! I don't seem to have your same issue, though. I tend to lay around the house in sweats like a total slob. Must try to amend this...

    1. i think it's my mom's fault that i don't like sweats.. when i was a kid, she wanted me to change my 'outdoor' clothes as soon as i get home, and i hated that soooo bad.. as soon as i left my parents house, i got rid of all the 'house clothes' and promised myself never to wear it again

  4. Divne boje, volim te art deco printove!!!