Wednesday, February 1

old portraits

ever since i was a kid
and got my first camera
(chunky zenit i still have and use)
i was sort of obsessed with photography
back then i knew nothing about photography
that didn't stop me from dragging my zenit with me
all the time
shooting everything and everyone
nowadays i still don't know much about photography
but still drag my nikon with me
all the time
taking thousands of pics
and then loosing them all
in ever-repeating computer crashes 
(i'm still too lazy to back up..
that is one of the reasons why zenit was superior
i still own all the pics that i took with zenit
those won't vanish all of a sudden)
today i manage to recover these two pics
that used to be my favorites
some years ago
first one is self-portrait 
other is underwater portrait of nikola
(that photo shoot almost killed him
i'm still amazed he didn't dump me
when he finally got out of the tub)

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