Sunday, May 29

screaming room

top - self made
skirt - self made
heels - peacocks
bag - non branded 

c'est moi
in between two silos
yesterday on mikser festival
before it started to rain
and then to rain really badly
for hours and hours
all the art exibitions
are taking place in those silos
(not just these two, but many many more)
in one of them
is screaming room
and when you scream and make noise
this blue light changes
making insane patterns on the wall
so we screamed 
a lot


  1. Beautiful color combination! Love it! <3

  2. Great outfit, loove that green color!!
    Xoxo, K.

  3. Beautiful outfit :)
    That screaming room seems so cool!

  4. thanks gals!
    paunnet: screaming room was way too cool
    leaving us with sore throat

  5. HOW. COOL.

    and these colors + your hair = perfection.

    my favorite shade of blue. green? green blue?

  6. thank you, lovely oona :)
    my favorite shade as well
    this striped fabric was sold out in few days
    and i think every single person in belgrade that knows a thing or two about sewing, got a bit of it
    so i've seen blouses, skirts, dresses, shirts, pants, toys, leggins everything one may think of, made out of it