Wednesday, May 18

beat the blues

dress - self made
cardigan - zara
flats - novecento

this is one of my favorite dresses
very first maxi dress i made
two years ago
cheap, fast and easy to make
and yet, the one that earned me
more compliments then those elaborate ones
that i've spent hours or even days working on


  1. these maxi dresses are very flattering on you. I never really considered to wear them as I'm quite short, but your creations are making me think again...

  2. thank you for the lovely words, anna
    not to tall myself, 168
    but i think right maxi dress
    might elongate you
    as long as it's not too loose one
    i love wearing maxi dresses
    on hot hot summer days
    may sound silly
    but it is more hot in short dresses
    then in maxi
    (it kind of create vortex while you move
    that cools you down)

  3. yes, if the fabric is breezy enough I guess they can be better for the heat. hehe, now I'll have to look for the right fabric... Why are knit so hard to find, here???

  4. this fabric is actually some kind of net
    not knit at all
    great for the summer
    (though, this one is a bit see-trough
    some people find shocking
    that they can tell color of my underwear every time i wear this dress hehe)