Friday, April 15

badger stalkers

dress - self made
lace trimmed slip - self made
shoes - peacocks 

i had a great trip
best part of it
was time in nikola's mountain cottage
we walked a lot, hiked a bit
made barbecue 
watched badger leaving his burrow at dusk
played football
and enjoyed company of
lizard eating cat
and dreadlocks stray dog
one day was all spring and sunny
next morning we woke up to a blizzard
and 20 cm of fresh snow


  1. Wow, materijal je pelep! Gde si ga kupila?
    Usput, i slike su ti sjajne!

  2. :) hvala ana
    materijal sam kupila u italtesu
    pre par meseci
    i to za bas bas male novce
    posto su komadi bili vec iseceni
    i u onim kutijama gde je sve na gomili
    to je viskoza
    pa je haljina bas prijatna za nosenje
    (i malo manje prijatna za sivenje
    posto je viskoza kao zivo bice
    pa stalno negde bezi)

  3. well, you make the snow part so poetic it sounds like a GOOD thing...

    i am so insanely jealous of your dress. and the trip it had. i mean, i wants. that dress.

  4. ahahaa
    it was a good thing
    i think
    or a funny one at least
    we were in such a hurry that morning
    otherwise, some of that snow
    could end up
    looking like a nice fat snowman