Monday, March 11

year eight

pretty sure no one reads blogs nowadays
but i kinda like having these yearly round up posts
they're like some sort of a diary
(and a great way to save some of my photos
from being lost in computer crashes..
because i'm way too lazy to back up)
year eight
wasn't a really eventful one
when it comes to sewing
i made only couple things for myself

and couple things for my store..
mostly v9253 dresses

but some other stuff too

made more backpacks with my husband


and made pattern for perfect leather bag
that my husband made for me

two of my girlfriends got married
in dresses i made for them..
although i have pictures just of one of those dresses

and, of course
my biggest creation of all
is this little bundle of joy
that has kept me occupied this past 6 months
and inspired me to try 
sewing something a bit different
like this play mat.. or a sloth plush
and half a dozen baby leggings

i'm slowly getting back to sewing..
made this very colorful kimono the other day
and there are so many things i'd like to sew this year..
and i'd like to be able to get back to blogging again
but we'll see
some days i struggle finding time to eat or shower
so i'll be happy if i make at least 10% of those plans happen


  1. I am still reading! lovely to see what you've made. :) That kimono is fabulous!

  2. Bubs is adorable! Your other creations are pretty impressive too.

    I'm still reading blogs, and I like your roundup posts because you make such interesting stuff.

  3. I still read blogs, and it is lovely to have you back. Congratulations on your beautiful baby and managing any sewing when my two were that old I was pleased if I had cleaned my teeth!

  4. Lovely to see all your creations from the last year 😉 I still struggle to find time for making and my child is 11 and fairly self sufficient at entertaining themselves 😂 so well done on what you have sewn

  5. Still here! And still reading!

  6. they are such beautiful makes - my favourite dress is the blue with the key hole back - and congratulations on baby - busy times!

  7. I still read blogs! And occasionally write mine.... I always like to see what you are up, your makes are always so lovely.

  8. I read blogs every morning - please don't stop. Adorable baby! and lovely makes.

  9. Oh what a cutie pie! Don't feel pressured into sewing or blogging. When you're able and ready, there's always going to be sewists ready to read your posts.

  10. I'm still reading. Congratulations on your bundle of joy.

  11. I read sewing blogs all the time. It makes me happy. I love all the things you made. Your baby is beautiful, what a blessing. Happy sewing, please keep sharing.

  12. Well did I miss reading that you were expecting? Oh my gosh, but she is cute, cute, CUTE!

    I enjoyed your little catch up and always enjoy reading your posts!

  13. Lovely makes! The blue dresses are all gorgeous (as is the baby :)