Sunday, October 15

color blue

dress - burda magazine 01/2017/#112
sweater - burda magazine 10/2015/#109
sweatshirt - burda magazine 01/2017/#102

i changed my serger threads from pink i've been using for ages to royal blue
to make the dress with ruffles
and, those blue threads then inspired
a week of sewing royal blue stuff!
laziness is a funny thing, right?
dress was on my 'list' for a long time
loved the ruffle, which is funny
 i don't usually love ruffles
as they're a bit too girly for my style
but this ruffle i liked..
chose a lycra fabric, that has crepe-like texture
and doesn't fray, so the edge of the ruffle could be left 'raw'
i wish i wasn't lazy and did the hem by hand
might get back to it at some point, 
but hem aside, it's a great dress
makes me wanna dance my heart out
not a lot of clothes have that power
also, one could argue it's too short
but i think it's fine with tights or leggings
sweater is made out of some sort of
boiled wool knit fabric
that i had in my stash for some time..
it's a very thick fabric, super warm
(and also kinda scratchy
so it's 'only for the brave' kinda sweater)..
it's an easy thing to construct
and i made this one using only serger
i hemmed it by hand, but did that after these photos were taken
so that's why the hem looks wonky

i've also made a hoodie for my friend johnny
don't have a photo of that hoodie
so you'll have to take my word for it,
but i had some leftover fabric after finishing it
and i used it to make this cropped sweatshirt
that my friend greska is wearing in pics bellow

i've also made a pair of pants for a customer
and finished an upholstery project for a friend
 both of those were blue as well..
and i actually run out of blue serger thread 
after i finished the last one of 'blue period' things yesterday
working on some backpacks at the moment
nikola is helping me with leather parts
and i'm really loving how those are looking so far!
hope to share them with you soon


  1. Everything looks great! I have #109 in my favorites on, but am concerned about how oversized it is. Did you make your normal size?

    1. i made 36, while my usual size is 38.. i always size down with their oversize patterns, as well as with patterns intended for knits.. i made this sweater once before, in some thiner smooth wool fabric, and it wasn't a good looking one.. so i guess it's crucial to sew it in bulky knit fabric, that has some structure to it, so the collar can hold the shape.. also, although thick, this fabric is lightweight, and i think that helps a lot.. i've made another one after this blue one, in bulky green&cream wool knit, it has slightly longer sleeves and looks and drapes pretty great too (guess i'll post the pic later, or on my burda page, as this one wasn't really matching with all the 'blue' in this post lol)

  2. You ALWAYS have such great makes. Love the blue and it's a great color on you.

    1. thanks <3.. i love the blue too! although maybe not as much as this post suggests :)

  3. Everything looks so chic! I absolutely love Burda magazine, the saddest thing for me is that in the past year the Australian distributor has gone bust and we haven't been able to get it for ages :( but a friend of mine said the other day she spotted one in a newsagent a few suburbs away so I'm hoping like mad she's right and it's back!

    1. i love burda too, dunno what would i do if it stopped being available to me.. over here it's basically the only way to buy patterns (if not ordering online), and it's pretty affordable too, as single magazine is 3euros only (and you can find vintage ones for pennies).. so if you can't find them in australia, let me know, i can ship a magazine for you every now and then :) it would come with serbian translations only and original german instructions, but i guess with your expertise you don't really need instructions anyways :)

  4. Hands down, favorite color. All pieces are spectacular!

  5. I made the blue dress with ruffle too... in very expensive fabric. And it looked very nice on the coat hanger but wayyyyy too oversized.
    so I'm pretty jealous when I see your beautiful blue dress. It looks gorgeous on you!
    and the very expensive fabric? hopefully I can make something with it for the smaller version of me (my daughter)

    1. oh, i'm so sorry to hear that! it must be so damn frustrating :(
      can't you rip the seams and then try making a size smaller?
      i did sew the dress in sizee 36, while i normally sew 38.. but, i made mine in stretch fabric, so i knew i can size down..
      i hope you'll find the way to save your very expensive fabric!