Thursday, January 28

new coat

last year i saw a coat on russian burda site
and fell in love with it
so i had to try making a similar one
as the russian lady, who sewed the coat that inspired me,
i used top of the burda magazine coat 10/2013, #130
with half circle skirt for the bottom part..
she was smarter, though, and lengthened bodice pieces by 7cm
(it's petite size pattern)
i totally forgot to do that
and by the time i realized i made that mistake
i had all my pieces cut
and only tiniest of scraps left
the result is that the coat sits way above my waist
and makes me look kind of pregnant..
also, sleeves could use few more cms of length

dunno what i'm doing in the pic above
but i found it hilarious and had to include it here

i actually used last scraps of coat fabric
to make matching fabric covered buttons
but then i gave up that idea
and went for sew on snaps instead of buttons


  1. Oh, I think this coat is lovely! And I like raised waists, I think they look very trendy. Your fabric is so pretty - Nice work redoing the patterns!

    1. thank you :) fabric is meant to be upholstery fabric, but i'm pretty pleased how it worked here..

  2. Replies
    1. thanks.. i love the shape too, just with i lowered the waistline a bit

  3. Love this coat ... it doesn't make you look pregnant it looks almost empire

    1. glad you like it sasha :) nothing wrong with empire silhouette, i just don't like it on me.. should make my another oversized coat, i like those even when them make me look 5 sizes bigger than i am

  4. Beautiful coat. I think the neckline really suits your face shape.

  5. Ooh, this is so pretty! I can see why you might be bothered by the higher waist- I hate the way that they feel when I wear them so I've given away anything I ever had that had one. But it looks pretty on you!