Monday, March 3

sixteen.. again

long shirt, jacket or whatever it is - self made
shorts - self made
leather jacket - zara

this skull top
is actually the only brand new thing that i bought
in past year (or year and a half maybe)
did get bunch of flea market and thrift store items
but when it comes to new stuff
i decided i don't really need any
as i can make pretty much anything i need
(well, anything but shoes, really
need to learn how to make shoes!)
and the reason i bought this top
was that it was so ridiculously cheap
that i couldn't possibly diy it for that amount of money..
other reason was the skull, obviously
dug up bunch of those over the past years
so i developed a real soft spot for them
going to a punk rock concert next saturday,
to hear the band i loved back in my high school days
this is what i plan to wear
(this shirt/light jacket/wrap dress thingie
is my newest invention
and i'm obsessed with it, wanna sew it in all the colors)..
i'll have to locate those burgundy doc martens boots!
feel like i'm 16 all over again
(hope i won't puke, though..
that's totally what 16 years old me would do on a punk rock concert..
and hope there will be no bombs, like that last time when i was 16)


  1. hello !!
    I love your self made clothes !!!!
    which pattern do you use for your "long shirt, jacket or whatever it is " ???
    it's so beautiful !!

    1. thanks.. i used some pattern for wrap blouse (but dunno which pattern, i had it traced for years, but back when i traced it, i forgot to write down where it is from, and i couldn't find it in any of my sewing magazines).. i also elongated that pattern, and changed it a bit to get the lenght and shape i wanted

    2. thanx a lot for your answer.
      it fits you very well! i'm going to think about a wrap blouse ;)
      can't wait to see your next creation !

  2. !!! Love that gorgeous drapey top/jacket/long shirt! And love that you're going to a punk concert and reliving your teen years! Such fun! Also, totally agree with you on the shoe thing... really gotta learn how to make my own shoes!

    1. maybe it's wrong, but i kind of wanna go to punk concerts and act like a teen and wear micro shorts even when i'm 70 years old (i wonder are there going to be any punk bands when i'm 70?)

  3. This is really, really cool! I love it! It looks amazing! Have a great time at the concert- may it be happier than it was in your teen years!

    1. thanks, ginger! oh, i had a pretty good time on their conceerts in my teen years too (if we skip those couple of months when my country was bombarded), and in the meantime i learned how to hold my liquor, so i'm safe from puking part as well :)

  4. I´m sure you are going to have a great time, and in those great clothes too! Great choice.
    What? bombs? I feel for you at 16. It must have been a terrible experience

    1. thanks, merche, yeah i believe i'm going to have a great time :)
      now when i look at it, it was a scary couple of months.. back then i didn't think about it that way, there were no time to be scared i guess, and no point in being scared, really (but, yeah, when you see a tomahawk bomb flying over your house, it's a scary shit.. and you wonder where it's going to end up, and is it going to kill someone.. and you feel powerless, cause you see it, but you can't do nothing to stop it..).. but i remember one interesting thing - people were suddenly nice to each other, open and friendly and ready to listen and help, there was that feeling of comradery.. i guess that shared fear bonds people..

  5. Dig your outfit. And that no-brand-new-clothes thing, I share your view, including the shoes issue :P

    1. thanks, erika :) yup, i believe it does make the difference.. and i believe we already own too many stuff, in this buybuybuy society

  6. I love those loose shirt/jackets-kind-of-things. Made some of them myself, but like you I want to make them in all colors and patterns. They are so easy to style. Just some leggings or tights, a long shirt and this light jacket. Done!
    I also love all the other dresses shown on your blog, too. Thumbs up!