Friday, January 17

walnut socks

over the knee socks - knitted by grandma
coat, top, shorts - self made

last november, when i was visiting my grandma
she showed me that new wool she just got
locally grown, hand spun in traditional manner
that she dyed in walnut bath
i loved the color so much
and i always preferred how this type of wool feels and looks like
over the commercial wools or those horrible acrylic blends..
it feels real!
can't find the better expression
but i hope you know what i mean..
it's less polished and a bit more scratchy than your regular wool
but i like that 
anyways, while i was oohing and aahing over the wool
grandma suggested she knit me a pair of socks
then we talked a bit about what should they look like
and, when i was back in december
these beauties waited for me
what i love most about grandma's knitting
is that she never uses any kind of patterns or schemes
but rather creates her own patterns along the way


  1. I'm so jealous you have a grandma who a) knits b) knits for you and c) GROWS AND DYES HER OWN WOOL WITH WALNUTS! That is pretty much the coolest thing I've ever hear and I love those socks!

    1. :) glad you like them, heather.. grandma didn't actually grew this wool, and someone else spun it (she stopped spining wool few years ago, but it looked awesome when she was still doing it.. i'll have to ask her to teach me how to do it), but she did dye it (there is several other plants she uses to get gray or purple colors)

  2. I'm going to steal your grandma.
    These socks are blowing my mind! And I know exactly what you mean about it feeling 'real'!

    1. :) i'm glad you like them, sallie.. oh, you would love my grandma, she's a total tomboy and really fun to hang out with

  3. My Grandma used to knit socks for me too, and when her eyes grew too bad to knit I started knitting her socks!

    Your new socks are lovely, and it's super cool that it's handspun and dyed yarn. I love the colour!

    1. that's so sweet of you, and such a great idea too.. i plan to knit more this year (never made anything complicated earlier, only scarfs and mittens and hats and leg warmers.. this year it's time for a sweater, and maybe socks too, maybe i can steal your wonderful idea and knit a pair for grandma too)

  4. I know where all the talent comes from, then! Tell your grandma I´m in awe of her knitting!

  5. Wow, how awesome! These look great! Talent runs in your family!