Friday, June 21

dorothy's dress

dress - self made (former skirt from flea market)

when i bought this skirt
i actually planned to wear it as a skirt
and then i never did..
it was a bit larger 
and a lot longer than it should be
and i was too damn lazy to do something about it
then one day it struck me:
i'm going to turn it into a dress!
i'm going to make it be my dorothy dress!
i know what you're thinking:
dorothy's dress is blue not red!
well, i have a solution for that:
my ruby slippers are blue!
so.. it's more of 'reverse dorothy's dress'
than the real one
and where are those blue slippers, you ask?
on my feet..
 i forgot to take a photo of them
blame it on heat
and those handsome cherries that distracted me


  1. Cute cute cute! I love the tie back. :-)

  2. Love. This.

  3. Sooo sweet! Irresistible, like these cherries. :D

  4. Replies
    1. thanks merche :) back is my favorite part, too

  5. That is such a perfect dress for Summer! I love it. I loved the skirt too -such a shame it was too big. But you did a great job!

  6. Soo cute! The back is the cherry on top :D

  7. Absolutely wonderful! This is soooo smart! I look at a dress and I think converting it into a skirt, often ... but turning a skirt into a dress is great! I am your new follower, love, love your creativity!!

  8. haha, reverse Dorothy outfit; I LOVE it! Your dress is so cute, and looks beautifully summery. The way you did the back bodice is adorable!